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About Aurora
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For over 28 years, Aurora Renovation Centre’s Team has been in the business of complete home renovations, building a reputation of excellence along the way.
about us
Decades of Excellence
The Men Behind the Hammers
We’ve been in this game for 28 years, and no, that’s not a typo. Our journey began in Europe, where we earned our construction degrees. While the scenery has changed (hello, Canada!), the passion for quality craftsmanship has stayed the same.
Our Team: More Like Family
You know how some companies just hire whoever’s available to work on your home? Yeah, we don’t do that. Our team is a tight-knit group of skilled craftsmen who’ve been working together for years. We’re more like a family, and we treat every project as if it were for one of our own homes.
No Outsourcing, Just Quality
We take immense pride in our work, and that’s why we never outsource. When you hire us, you’re getting our dedicated team from start to finish. This ensures that every nail, every board, and every coat of paint meets our rigorous quality standards.
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Our Renovation Process
We offer in-depth consultations, taking the time to understand your renovation goals, budget, and style preferences to create a tailored project plan for your home.
Detailed Proposal
We create comprehensive and transparent proposals for your renovation project, detailing all stages, costs, and timelines to ensure you clearly understand the process and expectations for your home.
Project Installation
We ensure top-notch project installation, adhering strictly to planned timelines and using premium materials while maintaining the utmost respect for your home and daily routines.
Final Inspection
Our job isn't done until we've conducted a meticulous final inspection, ensuring every aspect of the renovation meets our high standards and your complete satisfaction.